The John Haymes Newton Biography

With his muscular physique and dark good looks, John Haymes Newton seemed perfectly cast in the dual role of the teenage Clark Kent and his alter ego "Superboy" in the 1988 syndicated series. But after one season, he was replaced by another actor and instead began to carve out a career on stage and screen. The native North Carolinian headed to Manhattan at age 19 to study acting and soon found himself headlining a TV series. After leaving "Superboy", John Haymes Newton garnered praise for his leading role in a 1990 production of "Out Town" at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. John Haymes Newton's film career did not begin particularly auspiciously, playing a romantic rival to rapper Vanilla Ice, both vying for the affections of Kristin Minter, in "Cool as Ice" (1991) and graduated to leading roles with "Desert Kickboxer/Desert Hawk" (1992), playing a half-breed cop fighting drug dealers in Arizona. The role required the actor do little more than pose and look good while executing low-level martial arts stunts. "Alive" (1993) gave John Haymes Newton more to do as one of the survivors of a plane crash in the Andes.

Returning to the small screen, John Haymes Newton cut a handsome figure as the driver for Eliot Ness in the syndicated series remake of "The Untouchables" (1993-94). He seemed to find his niche when cast as a mysterious stranger who comes to the aid of Cassidy Rae in the Fox primetime soap "Models, Inc." (1994-95). Building on that performance, John Haymes Newton joined the cast of another of the network's serials, "Melrose Place", in 1998, portraying Ryan McBride, an executive who also happened to be the younger brother of restaurateur Kyle McBride (played by Rob Estes).

Born: December 29, 1965 in Chapel Hill, North CarolinaJob Titles: ActorEducation

William Esper Studio, New York, New York, acting


1988 Had title role in the syndicated series "Superboy"; left show after one season

1990 Starred in a production of "Our Town" at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre

1991 Film debut in "Cool as Ice", featuring rapper Vanilla Ice

1991 Had featured role in "The Emancipation of Lizzie Stern", a "CBS Schoolbreak Special"

1992 First feature lead as a half-breed martial artist in "Desert Kickboxer"

1993 Co-starred in "Alive", the based-on-fact drama about survivors of a plane crash in the Andes

1997 Had recurring role on "Walker, Texas Ranger" (CBS)

1997 Starred alongside Corin Nemec and Alexis Arquette as Navy SEALs in the feature action adventure "Goodbye America"

1998 Joined cast of Fox's "Melrose Place" as Ryan McBride

At age 19, John Haymes Newton moved to NYC to study acting

Born and raised in North Carolina

Joined cast of the Fox primetime soap "Models Inc." as a mysterious Good Samaritan to one of the titular beauties

Played recurring role of Tony Pagano, the driver for "The Untouchables", in the syndicated series remake

Thursday, August 12, 2010

John Haymes Newton Starring In The Video Movie The Desert Kickboxer

In 1992 John Haymes Newton starred in a video movie called, The Desert Kickboxer. Joe Highhawk ( John Haymes Newton) kills an opponent in the fight and he can't shake the image. He quits the ring, and leaves the big city where his job was being a cop. Hawk (John Haymes Newton)  goes back to the land where he was raised by his grandfather. Their, he works as a border deputy breaking up small time drug dealers, while on the job, he meets Claudia ( Julie Aronson) and her brother Anthony (Sam DeFrancisco) who are fleeing from her former boss Santoz (Paul Smith), Who's a big time drug lord, Claudia discovers her boss is a ruthless gang leader while at work and transfers more than a million dollars to a secret Swiss bank account that she alone has access to.
Santoz, and his henchmen have captured  Claudia (Julie Aronson)  and her brother Anthony (Sam DeFrancisco), while trying to escape across the desert. Hawk (John Haymes Newton) hears the gunfire,makes short notice of Santoz's men, and arrests Claudia and Anthony. Hawk has a warrant for their arrest and transports them to his trailer awaiting the sheriff.
While waiting, Santoz and his hit men find them and try to kill Hawk. They  capture Claudia and take her prisoner.After leaving Hawk for dead they leave. Hawk awakes to find everything has been destroyed by Santoz. (Paul Smith).
He turns to his grandfathers way of life for inner strenght and power. His grandfather has taught Hawk to fight and survive. Hawk (John Haymes Newton) uses his kickboxing no how to return the extreme violence put upon him. Of course, Hawk is worthy of all his kickboxing experience. This movie is rated R but, for martial arts fans, it's great. John Haymes Newton is very skilled at his craft as well being  fine actor in one of his early acting jobs. Watch for more on John Haymes Newton to come. For martial arts fans, this is a must.


JohnNewtonFan said...

For you John Haymes Newton fans. Your missing a good film. He's a very young JHN and he's got it all. Try this film. You"ll find it different then his other movies but, If your like me you'll enjoy it.

Jonathan said...

To this blogger: I live in Chapel Hill, NC where Newton is from and came across loads of items from him that he or someone in his family must have tossed out for recycling! Motorcyle drivers license, press photos, candid photos! Movie set photos. "Superboy" photos too.